Shants Alert: Mike Gonzalez ‘Barbara’ print layered pants

We thought shants were over. we thought they’d packed up and taken themselves back to whatever circle of hell they sprung from, and that all the fashionistas would be sticking their noses in the air, swishing their hair and declaring them to be “SO last season!”

We were wrong.

This winter sees the Return of the Shant, (Shants 2: Return of the Shant. Run, don’t walk, from your favourite fashion criminal…) as evidenced by these ‘Barbara’ pants by Mike Gonzalez. It’s nice that Mike gave these a name. It’s … weird that he looked at some 70s-print sheer pants and thought, “Barbara! I shall name them Barbara!” They don’t really look like a ‘Barbara’, do they? Barbara sounds like a nice, pleasant, dependable kind of girl. Barabara would teach elementary school and bake pies every weekend, which she’d take round to her neighbours. Barabara wouldn’t dream of going out in public wearing sheer pants, her modesty preserved by only… another layer of sheer pants. One designed to look like shorts. Nope, Barbara would take one look at these pants and Barbara would CALL THE FASHION POLICE. That’s our girl! And that’s what you should do, too, readers. Do not allow shants to creep back into our lives! Remember how bad it got last time? Close your ears to the the siren song of the $225 sheer pants: fight your way back from the world of the fashion victim!

Or, alternatively, click here, buy a pair, say, “What the hell, you only live once, right?” Right?

(P.S. Don’t think we haven’t noticed that these are¬†committing¬†a double crime: that of being Stuck Together Clothes. The Fashion Police see all…)

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