Michigan Fashion Police crack down on saggy pants

Baggy_pants_fashioncrime The Fashion Police may not be a real police force, but that doesn’t mean you can’t actually get arrested for committing crimes of fashion – not if you live in Flint, Michigan, anyway.

Following in the footsteps of Delcambre, Louisiana, and a few other US towns, Flint’s Police Chief David Dicks has told his force to arrest anyone spotted wearing pants that sag low enough to expose their butts.

"This immoral self expression goes beyond free speech," says Dicks. "It rises to the crime of indecent exposure/disorderly persons."

What do we think of this, then, Fashion Force? For ourselves, even although this site focuses on crimes of fashion, it is supposed to be lighthearted, and we’d have to say that we don’t actually think people should be arrested for the way they dress – unless, of course, the outfits are unquestionably obscene. And while super-saggy pants are certainly ugly, we don’t think they quite fall into that category. Crocs, on the other hand…

What do you think? Should the REAL police be able to arrest people for wearing saggy pants?

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