Menswear Gets Girlie at Prada – Fall/Winter 08-09


Men? Are you paying attention at the back there? This winter you’re going to be getting in touch with your feminine side, OK? You will wear skirts – little, kicky ones that flip up at the back when you walk. (You’ll get to wear shiny trousers over them, though, so don’t worry too much about this development. Yet.) You will carry clutch bags. You will wear little midriff-bearing halter tops. Perhaps most worryingly of all, you will wear trousers that sit on the hips with underpants that come all the way up to the waist. Or you will if Prada’s Fall/Winter 08 -09 collection is anything to go by. Are you scared?

When I really think about this, mind you, I can’t think of a single argument why men shouldn’t wear skirts and crop tops, or carry handbags. Women wear pants and suits, and all kinds of other items that are typically "masculine", after all, so maybe Prada is just trying to redress the balance here, and give poor old men the opportunity to expand their wardrobes. Maybe it just looks odd because we’re not used to it. Maybe it’s just my own prejudice that makes me want to wet myself with laughter when I try to imagine any of the men I know wearing any of these clothes?

What do you think of Prada’s menswear collection – and the concept of men dressing in a "feminine" fashion in general?


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