Men in Tights: eMAN-cipate want to make it acceptable for men to wear pantyhose. Is it?


For years they’ve been the sole province of us women, but now men want to wear tights, apparently. Or rather, some men want to wear tights. These are the men being targeted by eMAN-cipate – a website which aims "to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item".

The site claims it is not a fetish site, and contains an illustrated guide showing men how to put on pantyhose, plus handy hints for those trying them for the first time, including, "Don’t wear anything unusual (apart from pantyhose of course), used clothes are basically better than new ones, and the more conservative style is the better."

Basically, they just really want it to be acceptable for men to wear tights. So, is it?

Men_in_tights T
This man is wearing tights. But is he hot, or is he… not?

Well, from an objective point of view, we can’t think of a single reason why men shouldn’t wear tights if they want to.  After all, women get away with wearing more or less anything they want to, with no clothes "forbidden" on grounds of gender, so it does seem only fair that men should have the same options, doesn’t it?

We’d have to say, though, that while we realise this is true, on a purely subjective level, and approaching this as a fashion issue rather than a gender equality one, we just don’t like this look on men. Of course, with that said, we don’t think the American Tan tights shown above are particularly sexy on women, either (although by the time winter rolls around, you’ll have to prise our opaques out of our cold, dead hands), so we are slightly biased here.

As far as fashion alone goes, then, we’d have to say "no" to the men in tights issue, for aesthetic reasons alone.

What about you? Will you be supporting eMAN-cipate in their quest to bring pantyhose to the male masses?

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