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Strange Shoes: Melissa Gaetano Pesce Flat Boots

We’re all used to Melissa’s plastic shoes by now, and we’re actually rather fond of some of them (step forward, the Lady Dragon line, by Vivienne Westwood), so we thought we were totally over the “OMG PLASTIC SHOES!” reflex that seems to kick in for many people when presented with the sight of a pair of Melissas. (And yes, we know, they smell like bubblegum. And yes, they’re plastic. We don’t care, though, as long as they’re cute…)

Apparently not, though, because these Melissa Gaetano Pesce Flat Boots still had the power to make us stop in our tracks and try to imagine how on earth we’d wear them, and what with. We’re totdally drawing a blank on that one, though, so if you have some ideas, feel free to tell us all about them. Meanwhile, what we can tell you is that these are £78, they’re available at ASOS (click here to buy a pair), and they come with either a shiny black upper, or a totally clear one, which you should be able to view your slightly-distorted-thanks-to-the-bubbles feet through.

What you think of them?

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