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Celebrity Style on Trial: Mel B’s pink hooded dress at the MOBO Awards 2008

Spl55667_0041She’s never been known for being particularly “safe” when it comes to fashion (remember all that animal print in her Spice Girls days?) but we’re going to be honest here: when we first saw this picture of Mel B at last week’s MOBO Awards, we though the dress was giving birth to her. Take a look at her head emerging from its pink, er, lips, and you’ll maybe see what we mean…

We also thought a “less is more” policy on the boobs could’ve been a good thing, but hey, sometimes an “if ya got it, flaunt it” policy can work too, and there’s no denying – Mel here has got it. And by “it” we mean “a figure The Fashion Police would kill for”. And when we saw her actually presenting, and sans hood, this look seemed a whole lot better somehow.

Our question then, is this: is Mel B guilty of crimes against fashion here, or is this just an eye-catching and original dress which she looks great in? Only you can decide, readers, and you’ll find one more picture under the jump to help you out…


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