When Maxi Dresses Go Wrong

The maxi dress. It’s a summer staple for many people: throw one on with a pair of sandals and a floppy sunhat, and you’re all set for a day by the pool, a trip to the beach, a leisurely day’s sightseeing… you can fill in the rest of this list yourself, we’re sure. Not only is the maxi dress a lightweight alternative to shorts, sundresses or all of those other summer options, it can also be very forgiving to the figure: unless, of course, it looks like this:

black maxi dress with knickers

Black maxi dress, $24

We have a grudging respect for this dress. It’s just so unapologetic, isn’t it? The girl who wears this dress isn’t going to fuss around, adding silly layers of see-through fabric to present the illusion of a “modesty” we all know doesn’t exist in a dress like this: this girl just wants to go out in her knickers. And she’s GONNA. You have to admire that single-minded determination to have your knickers on show at all costs. Er, don’t you?

This girl, meanwhile, ALSO wanted to go out in just her knickers:

black maxi dress

[Buy it here for $36 ]

Her dad wouldn’t let her, though, so she had to get creative. When she faced up to the parents, on her way out of the house, she looked demure and elegant, without so much as a visible pantie line. She was business in the front, for sure. When she turned around, though…

business  in the front, party in the back

… that dress was definitely aaaaallll party in the back. And what a party it was, too!

They both, however, felt themselves to be better dressed than THIS girl:

mesh maxi dress

Open Relationship mesh maxi dress, $29

Because that’s just silly, now, isn’t it?

What do you think, Style Sleuths? Do these dresses belong in Fashion Police jail, or would you like us to set them free, without charge?



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