From the “Why Does It Exist?” files: Matthew Williamson Bright Escape print jumpsuit


OK, so we don’t like “psychedelic print”. On anything. So maybe that makes us just a tad biased with this one, but add the £895 price tag to the “so loud it makes us reach for our sunglasses” print, divide by the fact that we just can’t imagine a scenario in which we think, “God, I wish I had my psychedelic print jump suit with me right now!” (No, Net-a-Porter, your suggestion of “cocktails by the pool” doesn’t quite cut it, unfortunately) and we’re forced to conclude that we have no idea why this exists. Although, granted, if you were lost at sea, it’d certainly help the search and rescue teams find you faster. Ah! For every problem, a solution! Just not one we’d be willing to spend £895 on…

If you would,  however, you can get it at NET-A-PORTER

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