Matchy-matchy! Lady Gaga matches hair colour to boots

Lady Gaga with green hair, white dress and green ankle boots

If there’s one thing the fashion community absolutely DETESTS right now, it’s anything deemed to be too “matchy matchy”. Shoes that match your handbag? OMG, how can you go out in public like that? Don’t you know it’s all about COLOUR CLASHING now, you fashion¬†Neanderthal? Belt matches your bag? Why haven’t you just killed yourself already? Because, seriously, if you’re not going to be “edgy” and “unexpected”, like the fashionistas of the world, then there is surely no reason to go on living.

This is why, if we were a regular fashion blog, we would surely think that matching her hair to her boots is the most shocking thing Lady Gaga has ever done.

Lady Gaga in a sheer top and no bra

Forget the “sheer top with no bra” thing: this is “brave”, and therefore totes acceptable. But the MATCHY MATCHY?¬†Seriously, what would they say at Chictopia?

[Images: Fame Pictures]

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