I have two problems with the matchy look: 1) people tend …

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I have two problems with the matchy look:

1) people tend to do it in really grating colours, and end up walking around like enormous oranges/canaries that have escaped their cage

2) It can go wrong so easily. You think it matches and then you go out looking like a pastel sampler for wallpaper, in grading shades of (almost but not quite the same) colour

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Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one?
What happens is that if you wash your hair every day, especially with shampoo and conditioner, the natural oil gets washed out as well, so to catch up with it your scalp ends up producing more oil than it needs.

If you managed to increase the distance between washes, your oil production would settle down and you would find yourself with better hair.

I know it’s difficult, but the way a friend of mine did it was this: she started washing her hair with products every other day, simply rinsing it with water in the day in the middle. In a few weeks she switched to once every two days, rinsing once in the middle, and so on until she got to once a week. 🙂

Can you wear boots in summer?
Boots in summer when it’s cold/rainy are all very well. Boots in summer when it’s hot, however, and you just can tell they are going to get sweaty and smelly, are just horrible. People say terrible things about flip-flops (despite there being very cute leather ‘dressy’ version of them) but in a sweltering day I’ll take a rubber flip flop over the fashionable boot, thank you.

Gareth Pugh pants, and other crimes of fashion
The cape is really pretty. Just not as a dress. Because it’s a CAPE. But something tells me that one day, if I wait long enough, I will see a girl walking down the street in one of these. And then the wind will go up. And she will cry, poor thing.

Also, if those trousers were an art installation on the melting of being, I would totally dig them. Just not right now.

Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes
Topshop has quite a fun series of comic book knickers. Hardly Valentine’s day stuff, but they are nice. I agree that just a detail on a top can be fun, but you can have too much of a good thing.

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