I love matchy-matchy, and I love contrast…anything goes as long …

Comment on Style Trial: The Matchy-Matchy Look by Leah.

I love matchy-matchy, and I love contrast…anything goes as long as the color/s is/are pretty.

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Trend Trial | Sensible Sandals as a Fashion Statement
They hurt my eyes with the dressier clothes. The visual imbalance is giving me a twitch.

It’s kind of funny to see the power of fashion. In “the emperors new clothes” kind of way. The “Cool crowd” would never in a million years touch those. People who wore them for comfort/health reasons were laughed at for looking dowdy and nerdy. But the second the fashion gods crowned (er, footed?)them they all run at it feeling edgy and daring. Seriously, nothing better illustrates the concept “fashion victim.”

Wanted! River Island navy polka dot pencil skirt
I love this skirt! white cable knit sweater or long sleeve t-shirt with pink or red or navy flats. SO CUTE.

Wear or Die | The Return!
I’d say B. The fabric itself isn’t bad: It’s almost pretty, if it was dress. I’d belt it with a wide brown leather belt and roll up the sleeves. Still looks like pajama, but better than A, which is stiff and uncomfortable looking beside being horrifically ugly and in a color that would look horrible on me.

Red trousers on men: fashion crime?
I think bright red pants have the potential to look silly/costumy on either gender, but not if styled right. As a rule, straight men are afraid to wear colorful or simply correctly fitted clothes because they are judged to be less masculine. This is a great shame. I’m tired of men in baggy ts, eternal jeans, and “shorts” that are comically oversized because god forbid someone suspect they have a tush and thighs.

POLL: How often do you shop for clothes?
Non of the options on the poll really fit.

I browse my favorite shopping sites daily, and every once in a while (once a 2 months or so?) I’d sort through the cart and order a few items.

In addition, I may check out a store on the way home and buy an item that really caught my eye if the price is right think I can use now.

If I am in desperate need of something (New bra to replace a stretched out one, a dress for an event) I will go looking online and in a few likely stores.

I tried lists before but they never work cause I never find things like that. The perfect item presents itself at its own sweet leisure. And if I need to hunt for it, well, hunting for more than one thing at a time is difficult.

Now you tell me, which box do I check? daily? Ad hoc? other?

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