Style Trial: The Matchy-Matchy Look

Do you pride yourself on perfectly coordinated outfits, or do you think the “matchy matchy” look is a crime of a fashion? The Fashion Police pose the question:

Can you be too matchy matchy?

woman in matchy matchy all-pink outfit

Matching your shoes to your bag, your bag to your dress, your dress to your lipstick, your lipstick to your nails… Go back a couple of decades or so, and no one would have batted an eyelid (coated in matching eye shadow, naturally) at any of this. In fact, not so long ago, being coordinated was seen as a GOOD thing: it was what stylish people did, and you’d no more clash the colours of your clothing than you’d go out in a pair of shoes that didn’t exactly match your handbag.

Now, however, it’s a different story, and the “matchy matchy” look, as it’s called, is considered a crime of fashion by many. Urban Dictionary defines the term as follows:

[yo_quote author=””] Often used in fashion blogs. Used to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colours, patterns, fabrics, accessories, designer pieces, thematic elements, etc. [/yo_quote]

Why do people hate the matchy matchy look? Because we live in a fashion era which prizes the “edgy” and “unexpected” above all else, basically. For those who like to see themselves as being at the forefront of fashion, matching colours or accessories is just too safe, too predictable  too boring. Even if you DON’T self-identify as a “fashionista”, however, making sure everything matches can look dated and matronly: it can be an overly-fussy look which makes the wearer appear to be trying too hard, or like the outfit is wearing them, rather than the other way around. For many people, it’s an unsophisticated look, or one which they associate with much older women and styles.

On the other hand, however, there are still those who match their clothes with pride, and see no reason why they should stop. For these style renegades, the matchy matchy look is just a natural way to dress, and taking pains to ensure your clothes DON’T match perfectly (changing your shoes because you’ve just realised they match your belt, for instance) seems just as silly as making sure they DO match seems to the first group. Of course

, there IS a middle ground: you don’t have to meticulously match all of your colours in order for your outfit to work, but you don’t have to deliberately clash, either. We suspect most people probably occupy this middle ground, but tell us anyway: are you a Matchy McMatcherson, or do you want to round up all of the coordinating outfits and send them to a secure wing of the Fashion Police Jail. In other words..

Is the matchy matchy look a crime of fashion?

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