Star Style on Trial: Mary-Kate Oslen’s Chanel sunglasses


Mary-Kate Olsen has been taking a bit of flack around the blogosphere for these Chanel sunglasses (which have also found a friend in Nicole Ritchie) which we’ve seen described as "fug", "ridiculous" and "munchkin-like" and well as some rather more pleasant terms such as "cute" and "fabulous".

The Fashion Police make no secret of the fact that we love the Olsen twin’s style – most of the time – and apart from the fact that M-K is wearing these indoors at the Giambattista Valli’s Fall ’08 show (we reckon the "wearing sunglasses in the front row of a fashion show" thing is becoming a bit of a cliché – thanks, Anna Wintour!) – we’re liking these rather a lot. And at least they’re better than the last pair of Chanel sunglasses we spotted Mary-Kate in!

What’s your verdict? Fashion crime or innocent of all charges?

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