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Star Style on Trial: Mary-Kate Olsen’s satin jumpsuit


So, you know how we feel about the Olsen twins. We love them. Really, we do. And generally, we tend to think they can do no wrong. But then, we have this whole "we hate jumpsuits" thing going on, and it’s pretty hard to climb down from that position once you’ve adopted it, even when Mary-Kate Olsen wears one, and still manages to look like a little doll.

What do you think of M-K’s look here? Apart from the fact that, when you view the picture in hi-res, her Louboutins look about a size too big from her, and it’s hard to know how she managed to walk around like that, we mean? But what about the jumpsuit-neon-belt-handbag combo. Is it a case of love it, loathe it, or don’t-really-care-either-way?    

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