Marshalls Shoe Mega Shop: Fashion Police heaven


As some of you know, The Fashion Police have just returned from a trip to the States, where Marshalls invited us to take a look at their new Shoe Mega Shop. Well, it would’ve been rude for us to refuse, no?

As it happens, we’ve long been fans of Marshalls shoe department, which has been the source of many a fine bargain over the years. (Nine West platforms for $20? Bring it on…) The thing about the Marshalls shoe department, though, was that it always had a bit of a pot-luck feel to it. Sure, you could find some fabulous bargains, but you’d have to rummage through the racks, jumble-sale fashion, to find them. When you did find a shoe you liked, odds were it wouldn’t be in your size, and so the hunt would begin again.

No more.

The new Shoe Mega Store is a different story. For one, it’s organised. Shoes are arranged according to style (dress, casual, sport, etc) and underneath each shoe, you’ll find boxes containing a range of different sizes, so you don’t have to waste time rummaging and can get on with the much more important business of shopping. Which is just how it should be.

As for the brands, you’ll find Guess, Jessica Simpson, Nine West, Nike and a whole lot more that we can’t even remember for the moment. Prices are the usual Marshalls bargains – we picked up a pair of platform peep toes by Guess for $49.99, but seen shoes as low as £20 or less, which sounds pretty good to us…

If you’re in the US, check out the Marshalls website to see if there’s a Shoe Mega Store near you. If you’re not in the US, meanwhile… we feel your pain.


  • June 23, 2008


    Oh wow–I hadn’t heard of that before now, and i just discovered that there are about 5 in my city! Yay!

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  • June 23, 2008


    Oooh, lovely. I bought a pair of Rafe sandals on clearance at Marshalls once. The pair was originally around $200, and with all of the markdowns and everything, they were $2. It was wonderful.

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  • June 23, 2008


    Coach knee-high brown leather boots, 80 dollars. 350 on their website. Oh YES.
    I live FAR too close to one of the megas for my own good. It’s become a habit…a dangerously wonderful habit…

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  • June 24, 2008


    I have yet to check out a Marshall’s with a shoe mega shop, but I like shopping there in general. However, my favorite discount shoe store is DSW hands-down. Love their rewards program!

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