Marni’s goat hair leather handbag: because you can never have enough hair…

Marni’s goat hair leather handbag. It would be like having another head, wouldn’t it?

And who knows, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing? Anyone have a Girl’s World when they were a kid, for instance? Or even just a Barbie? Remember all those hours of fun, combing her hair, plaiting it, tying pretty ribbons in it… This would be like that! Only £650!

On the other hand: who really needs another head in their life? Isn’t one enough? It’s bad enough having to wash, blow-dry and style the hair we have every morning. Imagine having to get up early enough to style your handbag, too! Would it need shampoo, we wonder? Is there a special “Goat’s Hair Conditioner” you can buy to keep it looking its best? Wouldn’t it be a pain having to blow-dry it every time you got caught in a shower?

Yeah, we’ve talked ourselves out of the goat-hair handbag, folks. Phew! That £650 remains safely in the bank! If you like this, though, you can buy it at Net-a-Porter, then, just for giggles, try waiting until your partner/brother/parent/cat is asleep and then scaring them witless by placing it on the pillow beside them. Fun for all the family, you guys! Or, actually, maybe not:

OK, it was funny, but now it’s just kinda scary, no?

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