Marks & Spencer’s 2 Sizes Bigger Push Up Bra Predicted to Sell Out by Saturday

We’ve heard of waiting lists for handbags and shoes, but a waiting list for a BRA? Yes, 1,600 people joined the pre-launch waiting list for Marks & Spencer’s 2 Sizes Bigger Push Up Bra, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, because since it went on sale last weekend, the bra has been selling so fast M&S predict it’ll have sold out completely by this Saturday.

As the name suggests, the bra is designed to make you look, er, two sizes bigger.  It does this using a super-light foam which is half the weight of traditional gel pads, and also has straps that can be crossed at the back to give the girls even more of a lift.

And that’s not all. According to the press release on this, the bra “is literally flying off the racks”. Literally? This we have to see: seriously, two sizes bigger is all well and good, but a bra that can FLY? Awesome.

The bra costs £20, comes in black, fuchsia and grey, and can be purchased online here. If you do miss out, however, don’t worry: more stock will arrive in September, and will include white, leopard and zebra print versions.

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