I’m not going to get into the PC debate on …

Comment on Spotted: Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior’s ‘Goddess’ shoes at the the Bike in Style challenge by Melanie.

I’m not going to get into the PC debate on using ethno-religious iconography in fashion(godesses, feathers or otherwise) cause politics aside – I *hate* the shoe on a purely visual level.
They are fugly.

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The Thigh’s Not the Limit
I still maintain the opinion that if a dress/skirt requires a recent bikini wax then it’s trashy.

Nicki Minaj has blue hair and a bra top
For me it less Gaga and more Bai Ling … Minaj doesn’t seem to be making any sort of statement other than, “Look at me! Aren’t I just craaazzy?”, where at least Gaga has the cred to wear the more outlandish stuff.

Tara Reid enters the Big Brother house
Am I imaging things, or is there a terrible glimpse of under-boob going on there?? Tacky!

Kylie Minogue arrives at an office building in London
Glasses -ugh!
Dress and jacket – meh.
Shoes and bag – swoon (esp. the shoes!).

Dress of the Day: Oscar de la Renta green belted wool-crepe dress
Swoon …

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