Ew. …

Comment on Spotted: Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior’s ‘Goddess’ shoes at the the Bike in Style challenge by JC.


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Emma Bunton at the Pride of Britain Awards
Since when did she turn 50?!

Madonna, daughter Lourdes and Taylor Momsen at the launch of the Material Girl line
They all look like they need a good wash

Ellen Page in green at the L.A. premiere of Inception
Not keen on the outfit at all really, she looked lovely on Jonathan Ross though 🙂

Sonia Rykeil for DC Comics: The Wonder Woman Dress (and more superhero fashion)
The dress genuinely looks like something a small chld could create from scraps of material :/

Designer Vs High Street: ASOS Black do Viktor & Rolf’s ‘hip dress’
I agree with Mousy..looks like some kind of sea creature..never a good look

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