Marilyn Monroe Fancy Dress Guide and Ideas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you don’t want to go down the “scary” route for your Halloween costume this year, aniconic movie star is always a fun alternative, and it doesn’t get any more iconic than Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Seven Year Itch.

There are lots of stores selling pre-packaged Marilyn Monroe costumes for Halloween and other costume parties, but if you’d rather do it yourself and save some money, here are the essential ingredients for an easy Marilyn Monroe costume:

Marilyn Monroe Costume: clothes and hair

1. A blonde Marilyn Monroe wig

Unless you happen to have hair just like Marilyn’s, this is one element of your costume that you will have to buy, unfortunately. There are lots of blonde wigs in this style on eBay, or you could just get lucky and pick one up from a thrift store. We found the Marilyn Monroe wig pictured below on Amazon, where it’s sold for just $12.99, and as Halloween approaches, there’s generally no shortage of similar items, available for not very much money.

Blonde Marilyn Monroe wig for Fancy dress(Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume wig: Click here to buy it)

2. A white halterneck dress

Some of you may already have one of these in your wardrobe, but if not, they’re not too hard to find. Again, eBay is a happy hunting ground, but if you’re really struggling to find something suitable, remember, you don’t have to get the style exact: any white dress with a skirt wide enough to fly up in a breeze will do the trick here. Something like one of these dresses could work, if you can’t find anything else.¬† If you’re good at dressmaking, try sewing chicken wire or similar into the hem so the dress will look like it’s permanently lifting in the breeze!

Alternatively, if you want to really go to town, and aren’t afraid to spend a bit of money on the type of Marilyn Monroe costume you’ll want to keep on wearing long after Halloween has been and gone, what about this dress from Vivien of Holloway:

White dress for Fancy dress as Marilyn Monroe

3. White or silver shoes

Again, don’t get too caught up in the details here. As long as you have the wig and the dress, no one’s going to be looking at your shoes (unless you’re at a party with Shoeperwoman, obviously). Silver, gold or white ¬†would be best for this look, but any kind of high heeled strappy sandal will do.

Marilyn Monroe Costume: Makeup

Picture of Marilyn Monroe4. Bright red lipstick

Most of us already have this in our makeup bags – apply liberally for the full-on Marilyn Monroe pout!

5. Black eyeliner

Line your eyes with thick black kohl and give it a flick up at the ends. While you’re at it, use the pencil to emphasise your brows: Marilyn’s were thick and arches – if yours aren’t fake it with your brow pencil!

6. False eyelashes

You can just use black mascara if you prefer, but for the true movie star look, a pair of false eyelashes will make all the difference

6. A mole.

No Marilyn Monroe costume would be complete without Marilyn’s famous mole -use your black eyeliner to draw one in above your mouth. Et voila – an easy Marilyn Monroe costume!

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