Mariah Carey: Fashion criminal extraordinaire


Um, Mariah? The early 90s called. They want to know when you’ll be returning their fashion sense …

Seriously, it’s barely worth even comenting on Mariah Carey and her continuing quest to be the flyest chick in the hood, because it’s all just so obvious (a little bit like Mariah herself, come to think of it) : the skintight lycra dresses, the almost-totally exposed boobs, the short skirts, the bling, the thrusting-out-of-the-boobs-in-every-picture, the sheer, batshit craziness of the woman. It’s just so totally 90s-tastic, and we guess you have to admire her for sticking so determinedly to her own style, even when everyone esle around her moved on years ago.*

Does anyone else come over all "Cher-from-Clueless" when they see photos of Mariah, though? It’s just that every time we see her we find ourselves thinking, "Oooh! Makeover!" Wouldn’t you just love to get hold of her, forcibly remove her from her lycra mini dress and put her into something tasteful? Just us, then…

* Note: we don’t really admire Mariah’s style, but given that everyone constantly praises Agyness Deyn for always looking like she raided the 80s dress-up box, and for having her own "look", it’s only fair to give the same credit to ol’ Mariah here, no?

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