Marc Jacobs, we need to have a chat…


OK, Marc, we think you know by now where we stand on the "socks pretending to be shoes" issue, so we’re going to have to assume that you’re just doing this to taunt us now. That, or it’s a very late April Fools, we’re not sure which. Because the thing is, Marc, we’ve seen some horrible sights in our time on the squad, but we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around these. Seriously, quite apart from the fact that the ballet-flats-and-ankle socks combo dances just a little too close to the Dress Like a Toddler trend for comfort, why on earth would anyone ever need to buy shoes that already have a pair of socks stuck to them? WHY, Marc? Couldn’t people just buy their own socks, and, you know, change them occasionally? What possible purpose is served by them being stuck to the shoes?

Please write back, Marc: we’re really puzzled by this.

The Fashion Police

[via Daddy Likey]

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