Marc Jacobs makes backless cardigans, Fashion Police weep


  Jessie at Denimology made a citizen's arrest on this "cardigan" (and we use that word in its loosest sense) this week, and sent it straight over to Fashion Police HQ for examination.

Having interviewed the cardigan, however, we're satisfied that it is but an innocent victim here. It's had its back snatched, and we didn't have to look very far to find out who the REAL criminal is in this case. Marc Jacobs is the man we're after, folks, for it was he who thought this would be a good idea AND that people would pay – wait for it – $985 for it. No, that figure isn't missing a decimal point.

Retailers have, of course, seen that this figure would have them charged with Daylight Robbery, and have reduced it to $178. We still can't imagine there being many takers, though, can you?


  • March 17, 2009


    Just horrible! I’m embarrassed for the model!

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  • March 18, 2009


    I guess even Marc Jacobs is suffering from the recession…he can’t afford to put backs or arms on his sweaters anymore

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  • March 18, 2009


    Probably the most useless item of clothing ever.

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