Handbag of the Week: Marc Jacobs Bruna Quilted Tote


  It’s not like us to be jonesing for Marc Jacobs – or, indeed for quilted things in general, come to think of it – but we can’t help but feel drawn to this “Bruna” tote bag. Maybe it’s just down to the lovely bronze leather, but we also quite like the strap around the middle, with its suggestion of, “Whoops, my bag was so full I just had to tie my belt around it to hold it shut!” We don’t quite know why we like that idea, of course, but sometimes ours is not to question why, and so all we’ll say is that if you like it too, it’s £850 from NET-A-PORTER .

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  • February 13, 2009


    Truly gorgeous but way to pricey:o(

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