Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Marc by Marc Jacobs wins “least flattering jeans of the week” award

Marc_jacobs_jeansOh Marc, Marc! Why’d you do it, MJ? You’d been doing so well recently: we’d been lovin’ your work (well, most of it, anyway…) and then all of a sudden you have to pull these… these denim pantaloons out of the bag. With a little corset detail on the back. Why did you add the little corset detail to the back, MJ? Corset details on jeans make The Fashion Police cry, you know. As do – we can barely bring ourselves to type the words – cuffed ankles. Jersey cuffed ankles. They’re like big ol’ baby’s bloomers, aren’t they? £215 baby’s bloomers. For adults.

We’re disappointed, Marc. We really are. If you’re not, though, readers, get your credit cards at the ready and buy these at

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