Daylight Robbery: Marc by Marc Jacobs leggings

Marc_by_marcjacobs_leggingWe should probably begin here by saying that the idea of paying $158 for ANY pair of leggings is anathema to The Fashion Police, because:

a) We’re poor
b) And slightly stingy
c) We know we can buy them for about £5 in H&M
d) They’re leggings

These ones by Marc Jacobs, however, have surprised us even more, however, because, as well as serving all of the purposes leggings usually serve, these ones will allow you to create the impression that you got yourself a couple of bad leg injuries that’ve had to be bound up nice n’ tight. Is THAT what justifies the $158 price tag, we wonder? Is it the glitter, perhaps? Or is it just the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand name on the label? You decide…


  • September 27, 2008


    the brand, definitely.
    They do look quite cozy….
    but the price….

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  • September 28, 2008


    Is it just me or does Marc Jacobs produce some of the world’s most disgusting clothes/bags/shoes? Mouse shoes, jelly shoes, canvas totes with cartoons girls on… need I go on?

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