Manolo Blahnik makes shoes for men. Men aren’t particularly appreciative.

Manoloblahnikformen We don’t normally feature men’s shoes here at The Fashion Police because, damn, but men’s shoes are boring. Aren’t you glad you’re a girl? (Unless, of course, you are a man, in which case, "Hi!" and "This post’s for you.")

Anyway, in order to resolve this sad state of affairs in men’s footwear, Manolo Blahnik, he of the "so pretty you’d cut off your own arm for a pair" women’s shoes decided to venture into the world of men’s footwear. It was a plan that seemed like it couldn’t possibly fail, for after all, Manolo Blahnik is:

a) A man himself


b) Is Manolo Blahnik

Why, then, we wonder, did Manolo decide to come up with a a pair of blue suede slingbacks? And animal print thongs? (The red brogues we’ll let him have. We have no quarrel with the red brogues.) I mean, do you know any men who regularly wear slingbacks? No, me neither. Although, maybe the world would be a more interesting place if they did, hmmm?  

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