Celebrity Style on Trial: Mandy Moore at the Vanity Fair Portraits Gala

Spl56963_0181From the neck up and from the waist down, we think Mandy Moore looks fantastic here. Sleek, elegant, sexy – pretty damn hawt, no?

It’s the middle part we have issues with. That almost-a-shress bodice, and the whole “here are my boobs and here is my bra”-ness of it. Of course, a little bit of cleavage can go a long way, but this is not a “little bit” of cleavage, really, which is why Mandy here finds herself up On Trial.

What do you think, folks? Love it? Hate it? Totally indifferent to it? Tell us! (You can view the bodice in close-up after the jump to help make your mind)


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