Make your own harem-dress-thing: a DIY guide


A mystery correspondent sent us in this image, which we at first thought depicted an unfortunate "dress stuck in knickers" type of wardrobe malfunction. Our correspendent informs us, however, that this piece is actually supposed to look like that, and she's very kindly supplied us with the instructions on how to make one of these for ourselves: instructions which we now pass onto you. Take it away, oh mystery reader!

1. Take old duvet cover and cut holes to the 'bottom' part of it, for arms. (If you don't have duvet covers, just sew up two sheets together, leaving the corners and other end open for limbs and head.)
2.put your feet through the holes on the 'top' part.
3. use a belt to pull up most of the fabric on your upper torso
4. let the rest fall back on top of the belt, creating more.. err.. volume around your lower torso…
5. make a little knot on one shoulder, and add another belt just under your now non-existent breasts.
6. Enjoy your new hot look!

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