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Maison Martin Margiela’s “leggings with boot”: not quite what you’d expect

Our fashion crime radar started buzzing uncontrollably when we read the product description of these leggings. “Leggings with boot?” we thought. “It’s finally happened. Someone has finally decided to attach trousers to shoes, and that person is Martin Margiela. We might have known!”

Margiela isn’t quite the criminal we suspected, though, because the “boot” in question isn’t the footwear variety, but is, in fact, simply a massive turn-up, that reaches all the way to the knee (and possibly beyond, depending on how tall you are.) So it’s not a REAL boot, but it does make the mannequin in the photo above LOOK like she’s wearing boots: and peep toe ones, at that!

What do we think of this, readers? It’s definitely better than sticking random items of clothing together, of course, but do you still want us to throw these in the slammer anyway?

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