Modelling is Hard: Maison Martin Margiela edition

crime of fashion

This outfit is one of those things that just gets stranger, and more confusing, the longer you look at it.

At first you think it’s just a simple pair of jeans and a turtleneck sweater, and who could possibly object to that?

Then you notice that although the model’s head has been cut off (Not by us, we hasten to add. Our officers are authorised to use force if necessary when arresting fashion criminals  but not THAT much force…), whoever did it has failed to disguise that the turtleneck comes all the way up to her eyes:

ridiculous sweater

How can she breathe under there? How can she hear? Or speak? Does her union rep know about any of this?

Then you realise than when Far Fetch described these as “high waisted” jeans, they really weren’t kidding:

high waisted jeans

Now we know why the model’s face is hidden. Well, would YOU want anyone to see in jeans halfway up your back? Didn’t think so.

If Maison Martin Margiela’s goal was to make human bodies look… well, less human, basically… we’re pleased to say they’ve succeeded.

If their goal was to get these items arrested by The Fashion Police, meanwhile, they’ve succeeded in that, too.

Have they succeeded in convincing you that you should pay £494 for the jeans and £539 for the sweater, though? That’s up to you to decide. We, meanwhile, have a model to rescue…

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