Fashion Criminal: Maggie Q at The Lint Roller Party


We love lint rollers here at Fashion Police HQ. We’re not quite sure we’d want to party with them, mind you, but here’s a quick Fashion Police tip for you: always carry a lint roller in your handbag. Especially if you’re the owner of a small white dog.

But enough about us. Maggie Q here, she does like to party with lint rollers, apparently, for this picture of her was taken at The Lint Roller Party, where the dress code on the invites apparently said: "some clothing optional". I’m not going to say this is a Britney-worthy dress, because Britney wouldn’t be caught dead in something as classy as a pencil skirt, but she’s definitely wear the top. In fact, I’m almost positive I’ve seen Britney wearing this top…

Anyway. Maggie? It’s a first offense, so we’re not taking it too seriously. We really, really want to colour in your top, though. Can we?

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