Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection by Janie Bryan now available

Fashion cliché though it may be, The Fashion Police are big fans of Mad Men. And, it goes without saying that we’re also big fans of Mad Men’s fashion, from Betty Draper’s prom dresses and capri’s, to Joan’s wiggle dresses, and everything in between. So we we were naturally pleased to learn that the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryan, was working with Banana Republic, to create a Mad Men inspired collection, which goes on sale today.

As you’d expect (and probably hope) from a collection designed to be worn by women living in 2011, rather than in the 1960s, the clothes are a much less literal interpretation of the styles seen on the show, so you shouldn’t feel too much like you’re in costume when you’re wearing them. In fact, take away the 60s styling in the images, and you’re left with items that don’t actually look too different from the kind of things we’re used to seeing in stores anyway.

Prices start at around $50 for a top, rising to $150 for dresses, and up to $200 for coats, so it’s not exactly bargain basement, although, then again, we’ve never exactly considered Banana Republic to be a “budget” store, anyway.

At the moment, the collection is only available on the brand’s US website, with no word on whether it’ll filter through to the European site. It’s limited edition, though, so we’re going to guess “no”, although we’d be happy to discover otherwise.

What do you think of this collection? Will you be buying anything?

Click here to take a look.

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