Lucy Liu in Giambattista Valli at the Kung Fu Panda London premiere


Lucy Liu? Two things:

1. Great shoes! Courtney Crawford, right? Nice choice! Loving your work on the feet. And we’re concentrating so hard on your feet, Lucy, because…

2. Stand sideways to the camera in this dress, sweetie. Sideways. Because from the side, you’re almost getting away with it. From the front, on the other hand? My, but those are some fine, childbearing hips you have there, Lucy. Fine hips, indeed.

Now, the thing is, we know Lucy Liu doesn’t have hips this size: in fact, she has the kind of figure we’d pay good money for. So why hide that light under this Giambattista Valli bushel, we wonder? Why? The sad thing is, this dress could’ve been rather lovely, if it wasn’t for the farthingale effect going on with the hips. We know this is a style Balenciaga have been popularising recently too, but we can’t say it’s a look we love – do you?   

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