Low cut tops: how low will you go?


Earlier this week we asked you about short skirts, and how short you would deem to be "too short". (We got some interesting answers too – feel free to wade in if you haven’t already). Today, then, we’d like to ask you a similar question about low-cut tops. Just how low would you go, we wonder?

The Fashion Police, you see, would suggest that the top half of the dress shown above? Is Too Low. Because it looks like there’s a danger of the model’s boobs making a bid for escape at any second, and even if that’s not the case, and tit tape has been employed, that still qualifies it as "too low" in our book. The fact that the neckline extends below the bottom of the boobs was a big clue there, too.

What do you think, though? Is there such a thing as "too low", or as long as it’s not actually indecent (which this one isn’t), do you think it doesn’t matter?

(This dress, by the way, was reported to us by Hannah, who commented that it "aspires to be daring and provocative but what you end up with is something that you borrowed from your friend 10 sizes bigger than you".)

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