Louise Gray hand silk screened devore drape trousers

Louise Gray, you can give your trousers as much of a mouthful of a name as you like, but to us, they are still going to look like they lost a fight with the tumble dryer.  Contrast textile detailing with frayed edges you say?  We say dryer lint.  These pant just look a mess, and ASOS are asking £496 for them.  That’s the good news though.  They were asking £620.

What do you think though?  Ultra stylish pants or tatty mess?  If you want them, they can be yours from ASOS.


  • January 14, 2011

    Rock Hyrax

    Nasty pattern, strange cut for the weight of the material(s), weird frayed bits – what’s not to hate..?

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  • March 22, 2011


    they’re great if you want to look like a goat! EW!

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