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Style on Trial: Louise Goldin long sleeve cardigan


Just one look at this Louise Goldin cardigan, and we start fidgeting in our seats and fussing around trying to straighten our imaginary, wonky-hemmed clothes. And we just know that if we actually wore it, our mum’s would spend the day telling us that our buttons were done up wrong, and when were we going to straighten them.

The fact that this cardigan has actually tried to recreate that uncomfortable feeling of buttons-in-the-wrong-holes deliberately, then, is puzzling to us. The fact that it does this whilst also having only one sleeve, puzzles us even more. One sleeved dresses we can understand. One sleeved pieces of knitwear, though? Not really, no.

The cardigan in question is £499 from Browns. Is it a crime of fashion, though, or would you let it walk free?

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