Style on Trial: Loopy cardigan by Simone Shailes

Loopy_cardigan_2Did you ever have a loopy jacket when you were a baby? The Fashion Police did, and we even had loopy hats to match! Clearly we were very fashion-forward babies, and way ahead of our time, for Simone Shailes has designed this version of the loopy jacket, which is sold at Topshop for the “bargain” price of £250. [Edit: now down to £60 in the sale. We wonder why?]

As adults, we think there’s a bit too much bulk there for our current tastes, and so we’re probably going to just try and forget our loopy-cardigan-wearing pasts, but we do find this design interesting and, for reasons we can’t quite explain, want to run our hands all over it.

What do you think, readers? Love? Hate? Indifference? Tell us!

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