Look, ma! No pants! Maurie and Eve’s singlet with chiffon

Look, no pants!

Important Announcement: attaching a piece of chiffon to  tank top does NOT make it a “dress”. We repeat: does NOT make it a dress. Apparently there’s some confusion about this, although, to be fair, that confusion doesn’t come from Maurie and Eve, who were at least honest enough to describe this garment simply as a “singlet with chiffon”.

We’re still confused, though. Why would you need a singlet to be “with chiffon”? If you wear something like jeans, or even leggings, with it, in a bid to make it a little more respectable, the chiffon part won’t be particularly noticeable, but if you wear it as shown, well, you’ll look like you forgot to put your pants on, for that singlet should in no way be mistaken for a dress.

We’re forced to conclude, then, that this garment is another one of the great unsolved fashion mysteries of our time. If you think you can solve it – and, more importantly, wear it – however, it’s $121 and you can buy it here.

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