Long torso? No problem…

At last! A pair of trousers for those of us with freakishly long torsos! Or groins, rather. Well, people with very long groins need to buy clothes too, you know: thank goodness there’s someone there to provide for them!

OK, we jest, it’s not a pair of trousers. It’s a jumpsuit. That only makes it marginally better, though. Look:

While it looks only averagely ugly from the front (and actually, we’d argue that “averagely ugly” is still a problem when you’re paying £689, but that may just be us), from behind, it’ll make you look like you have a freakishly long ass. Two ways to look strangely proportioned, for the (ridiculously high) price of one!

God bless Maison Martin Margiela, for it is they who bring us this item. If you want to, you can click here to buy it.

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