Lipsy’s 70s style jumpsuit: a deliberate wardrobe malfunction

It’s not a dress, it’s a jumpsuit. That means there can be no excuses along the lines of, “Oh, but you could wear it over the top of something else!” (We guess you could wear leggings underneath it, but that wouldn’t look a whole lot better, would it?) We just have to accept that this was designed to be worn exactly as it’s shown: looking a bit like one of those “whoops, I forgot the bottom half of my outfit!” nightmares we’re always having.

The vast number of clothes available right now with totally transparent bottoms, however, convinces us that either most people have far better legs than us, and are really, really keen to show them off… or no one is actually going out dressed like this, and it’s just another example of the fashion industry making clothes that “real” people don’t actually wear.

Which is it?

(Click here to buy it for £70)

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  • November 12, 2010


    I kinda like it… I am so going to fashion jail today XD

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