Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t seem to own any pants…


OK, Lindsay. Now, we know you love your leggings. As it happens, we quite like leggings too – underneath other items of clothes. You’ve mostly been wearing yours loud and proud, with nothing between you and your modesty except some think lycra and a camel toe. So, in a way, it was a relief to see you swap leggings for tights today. Until, of course, we realised that you were wearing the tights in the same way you wear your leggings – with nothing over them but a cardigan.

Lindsay, this has to stop. Sure, it can be nice to have a "signature style", and we do admire people who take risks with their clothes, but we’re talking about the kind of risks that get you noticed – not the kind that might get you arrested for being out in the street with NO PANTS.

You see, the thing is, Lindsay, people are starting to talk. They’re starting to say that you don’t actually own any pants – or even any skirts or dresses – and that from now on it’s just going to be all leggings/tights, all the time.

Prove them wrong, Lindsay, won’t you? Do it for us?

The Fashion Police 

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