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What Celebrities Wear to the Airport: Lindsay Lohan in a low-cut jumpsuit

90907M9_LOHAN_B-GR_05Ooh, Lindsay! It can get quite nippy in the air, you know – you’ll catch your death in that thing!

As regular readers may recall, The Fashion Police are always fascinated by the outfits celebrities choose to wear to the airport. Take Lindsay Lohan, for instance, pictured here at LAX in a jumpsuit that leaves very little to the imagination – and that’s not something we find ourselves saying very often in relation to jumpsuits. Still, at least she’s obeyed the “cleavage OR legs” rule here, keeping the rest of her body under wraps in baggy black material. We hope she at least brought along a pashmina for the plane!

Lindsay’s sister Ali, meanwhile, is pictured just behind her, wearing a floral print mini dress and gladiator sandals.


The girls look like they’re ready to escape any second…

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