Lindsay Lohan is still on the leggings


Lindsay Lohan may well have managed to kick the various substances she went into rehab to rid herself of, but leggings are proving to be a much harder habit to break. Either that or she just really, really likes showing us her crotch.

Lilo: we know you love your leggings, and we’re happy for you, we really are. This has to be the longest relationship you’ve ever had, after all: it’s just a shame you’re choosing to have it so publicly, and with leggings, of all things. That’s not to say you can’t wear leggings of course, because you can. But please, for the love of God, Lindsay, could you just start wearing something over the top of them? Leggings + long top = a fundamental rule of fashion, and if you persist in flouting that rule like this then we’re afraid we’re going to have to send you to Fashion Rehab…

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