Libertine for Target – Fashion Police opinion


Oh, you have to be kidding me? Is skull-print still not dead? Well, no – not if the Libertine for Target collection is to be believed, anyway. Those skulls just refuse to lay down and die, which has resulted in a bit of a schizophrenic collection, with ladylike pussy-bow blouses, pretty woven shirts – and then a selection of items that look like something you’d wear to go trick or treating. Bat print bermudas, with frayed edges, anyone?

Nope, I’m afraid  I’m not feeling it. When it’s good, it’s really pretty good: the bows call out to my obsession with the things, and the lace-front shirt is going right onto my wish-list because I love the retro geek-appeal of it. When it’s bad, though? Well, those green printed bats are pretty awful, no?


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