Laddered Leggings: Leyendecker’s ‘Kerouac’ ripped leggings


  First came a slight revival of ripped jeans. Then certain designers took it upon themselves to try and make ripped tights fashionable – and certain celebrities were only too happy to comply. Yes, Miley Cyrus, we are looking at you… 

Now this trend has come to its natural conclusion, and this morning The Fashion Police found themselves face to face with a pair of ripped leggings at Shopbop. And actually, we’re gutted now, because we ripped a pair of leggings by accident a few weeks ago, and if we’d just kept hold of them rather than throwing them in the trash, where we thought they belonged, we’d be the very height of fashion right now. Guess we’ll just have to pay Leyendecker $125 to ladder a pair for us, only of course we won’t because a) we’re just not really feeling that “punk rock” vibe and b) we could ladder our own leggings for free. If we wanted to.

What do you think, readers? “Punk rock forever,” as Shopbop says, or “a complete waste of money”, as The Fashion Police say?

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