Dress of the Day: Lewis Cho sleeveless blue boat neck dress at Shopbop

Bluedress Despite having been painfully fashionable all year, blue isn’t a colour I normally gravitate towards, but I’d snap up this blue boat neck dress by Lewis Cho in a heartbeat.

"Versatile and ultra-flattering" says the Shopbop website, and it’s hard to disagree with them. I’d also add "simple", "stylish" and any other adjectives, not necessarily beginning with ‘S’, that you can think of.

It’s made of jersey fabric, so if you’re planning a winter getaway it could be a great dress to pop in your suitcase, and you could probably get away with it as day-wear too by throwing a cardigan over the top.

It’s $207 at Shobop, buy they’re currently offering $25 off orders over $150 (and a range of other discounts besides) so it’s a good time to buy.

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