Leopard print tracksuit from River Island tests Fashion Police patience

Leopard_print_tracksuitYou know, we’re starting to think we’ve been too lenient in the past when it comes to animal print clothing. The problem with these borderline fashion crimes is that if you give them an inch they’ll always end up trying to take the proverbial mile, and we’d hate to think our tolerant stance on the issue of leopard print shoes and accessories (and lets be honest here – we’re not just tolerant towards them: we love ’em) has been instrumental in the creation of this leopard print velour tracksuit from River Island.

Just to be clear here: we’re not all that keen on velour tracksuits at the best of times, but we don’t think leopard print versions are ever OK. The fact that people will undoubtedly wear this one with the pants stuck into a pair of Ugg boots just makes this particular item even harder to understand. Are you with us?

If, of course, the answer to that question was “no”, and you really want to set these items free from the Fashion Police jail, bail is set at £24.99 for the jacket and £19.99 for the pants. Do you want to spring ’em, though?

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