Leighton Meester and the Suit of Many Colours


 "If I flash my bra at you, Fashion Police, will it distract you from the suit? No? Damn."

Looks like multicoloured suit crimes are on the increase: last week we arrested Katy Perry for wearing an outfit we can still see when we close our eyes, so vivid were its colours, and now poor Leighton Meester finds herself similarly attired, in this Alexander McQueen creation.

Leighton won't be joining Katy in the Fashion Police jail, however, because this image was taken for the New York Times magazine, making the stylist for the shoot the true criminal here, and Leighton but a helpless victim.

Following on so quickly after what we think of as The Katy Perry Incident, not to mention today's Wear or Die selection, however, we have to admit, we're concerned. Who will be the next victim of the Multicoloured Suits? Where will it all end? And what on earth would Chuck Bass think?

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