Legs like tree trunks: Roberto Cavalli’s Palm Print silk pants

We’ve heard of camouflage, but if you’re wearing silk in the rainforest, we imagine snipers are the least of your worries… Though in fairness, if you’re dressed in these astonishing palm pants by Cavalli there’s a good chance The Fashion Police have sent the special ops unit after you!

We’re not sure what we like best least about these pants. Whether it’s the nauseating green hue, the tassled tie that falls oh-so-suggestively at crotch-level, or the leaf fronds around the waist, perfect for drawing attention to the afore-mentioned tassles… Or, perhaps the fact that it comes with – drumroll please – a matching top!

On British TV just now the BBC are showing a sort of modern, semi-documentary-style remake of popular 70s sitcom The Good Life. We feel sure that Penelope Keith’s Margot would greatly approve of this ensemble. As would Disney’s Tinkerbell. The Fashion Police meanwhile? Do not.

Roberto Cavalli Palm Print silk pants: £598.13 from My Theresa.

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